Antone's Italian Food

Serving the Inland Empire Since 1965

History of Antone’s Italian Food


Antone’s Italian Restaurant opened in the spring of 1965.

The restaurant was started by a young, ambitious Italian man with a dream. He wanted the American
dream of owning his own business!

The dream began by Anthony Verani, also known as “Antone”, renting a building on the corner of
Sunnyside Drive and Brockton Avenue. He wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to do with the building. but rent was cheap and he was ready for a change from the life he had as a painter.

He came from Massachusetts as a young man while in the Merchant Marines. After his tour of duty was complete he met his future wife, Mary, at a dance club in nearby Ontario, California.

He was a painter by trade but was ready for something new. He decided to open a small restaurant at a convenient location near the Riverside Plaza. His wife, Mary, was an amazing chef and was always cooking for their four kids or the school PTA. So he thought why not put his wife to work at a “real” job to make money. So the legend began. old-owners

They opened the business in March of 1965 only 10 months after the birth of their fourth and last child, Anthony Jr. They already had three daughters, Karen. Vicki, and Rosanne and the two oldest were ready to work at the restaurant when it opened. 

In the beginning, Antone and Mary had only rented one side of the building. Their business grew slowly those first few years. The menu back then consisted of sandwiches, meat ravioli, shrimp and rice as well as enchiladas Italian style. They made mainly family dinners to go. They weren’t making bread yet.

A couple of years later, Antone learned how to make bread from a friend from the east coast and then developed it into his own recipe. That famous recipe lives on today. 

Once they decided to make their own bread, they changed their menu and sadly gave up the ravioli,
shrimp and rice and the enchilada dishes. For many years, Antone and Mary made their bread rolls for
their now famous grinders.

By the mid-seventies, thanks to their children’s help and many wonderful employees, the little Italian
restaurant on the corner expanded into what it is today!

Antone passed on in 1991 and the kids ran the restaurant for many years together with Mary. Eventually, the youngest child, Tony took over for many years while the other siblings went off in different directions.

Tony ran the restaurant successfully for many years. In 2006, Mary passed away but the business carried on. In 2008, Tony decided he was ready for a change in scenery and his sister, Rosanne, took over the helm. owners

Currently, Rosanne and her husband Kurt, are running the restaurant. Their children, Casey and Carrie are slowly learning the ins and outs of the family business. There is ongoing work being done to spruce up the place. Kurt continues to make the famous fresh bread every morning for pizzas and grinders. 

Rosanne continues to use the family recipe for meatballs and the spaghetti sauce as well as their delicious Italian dressing for their salads. Soups and desserts are also creeping their way onto the menu and whatever strikes the fancy of the chefs that day.

So come on down and check out what’s cooking at Antone’s. While you’re here look for your picture on
our wall of fame and if you don’t see it then bug us to take one! Also don’t forget to drop your business card in our “Win a free lunch at Antone’s bucket”.

Thank you everyone for a wonderful 45 years of loyalty and fun! We love you all and appreciate your
business! Hope to see you soon!